Types of Fairground Rides that Should not Lack in Your Park

Let us face it; no park would be complete without some of the well-known fairground rides. Young people and adults alike visit amusement parks just for the thrill offered by these rides. Amusement park rides are simply mechanical objects that run at varying speeds and come in various categories including Gravity rides, Flat rides as well as Vertical rides. All the rides you have taken in an amusement park fall into one of those categories.

With that out of the way, let us dive into the topic of the day: fairground rides that should not lack in your amusement parks. And Beston group offers you all.

The Ferris Wheel

This is without a shadow of a doubt, the most amazing park ride. It is a large rotating structure that looks like a wheel. And the Ferris wheel can stand at a remarkable 260ft with a diameter of around 250 ft. It also has small cars attached to it, and the entire structure can hold up to 60 people at a go. The Ferris wheel is certainly a thrilling ride that even been featured in various romantic movies. It’s a ride that your park should not lack.
theme park Ferris wheel

The Scrambler

It has various names, but in the US, it’s called the Scrambler. This is one of the fastest fairground rides you will come across. It has three primary arms and a secondary set of smaller ones. A cluster of small toy cars that can accommodate one or two people are attached to the shorter arms. It is designed in a manner where the primary and secondary arms rotate, the latter moving faster than the outer arms. This creates a frightening, yet exciting illusion and experience.

Haunted Mansion

This is arguably one of the best creations of Sidney. The haunted mansion is a funfair ride designed to instill terror and fear in the riders who are brave enough to try it. The ride has numerous images of ghostly creatures and blood spilling specters, most of which are installed to give jump scares. The haunted mansion is easily one of the most memorable rides and which your park shouldn’t lack.
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The Carousel

Also known as the merry-go-round, the carousel is one of the best fairground rides that were invented back in 500AD. It is basically a rotating platform that goes around. The seats on the structure are made of different materials like wood, plastic, and fiberglass that are designed into various objects like horses.

The Rotor

This funfair ride gives the riders the feeling of being in free fall, which is achieved by the principles of centripetal and centrifugal force. The structure was invented back in 1940 by Ernst Hoffmeister, and it is one of the most popular rides in funfairs.
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Bumper Cars

These are miniature electric cars that are made to accommodate a single person at a time. As the name suggests, these cars bump into each other, and this gives the riders the excitement and thrill of being involved in a fender bender.

Keep in mind that most of the rides in this list can be very traumatic for some people, and thus need to be monitored and operated by professionals at all times. For more fairground rides, check here: http://bestonridesforsale.com/fairground-rides-for-sale/

Popular Inflatable Bumper Cars

If you have seen kids and adults in large inflatable swimming pools, you may also see them with large inflatable bumper cars. Some of these are powered by pedaling or peddling with your feet, the most of the newer ones have a motor. They have become more popular than ever before because of the unique styles that have come out. They are also much easier to use, allowing people to get up to higher speeds, using their ergonomic designs. Here are a few reasons why these may become more popular every year, and why you might want to consider purchasing a couple from http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/inflatable-bumper-cars-for-sale/ for yourself.

Inflatable bumper cars for kids

Why Have They Becomes A Popular?

One of the reasons that these may be popular is because of the inherent popularity that comes with bumper car rides for sale in general. People like to get in the small vehicles and run into each other. It is a conditioning that most of us have. And inflatable bumper car is made of a PVC material which is different other amusement rides, like gas go karts for sale, carousel rides and tea cup rides, and they are actually much more safe. It’s hard to get hurt when you are essentially bumping into a person in an innertube, plus people like to have fun and get wet.

Funfair inflatable bumper cars

Are These More Popular At Amusement Parks Or At Home?

Although it is possible to purchase one of these at a local store such as www.Bestonamusementparkrides.com and set them up in your pool at home, there is something more alluring about those that are at the local carnival. They tend to be bigger, designed with many different angles and colors, helping them to attract people that may have never been on one before. They don’t weigh very much, about 60 kg. They are made of not only PVC but also steal. What is unique about the newer ones that have come out is that they have MP3s where people can hear music as they are bumping into people splashing around.

Popular inflatable bumper cars

Where Can You Get These For Your Amusement Park?

If you would like to get one of these for your amusement park, it will definitely be a proverbial splash. People are going to line up for as long as it takes to get into one of these during the summer months. It is a seasonal ride, which most people understand. It’s good to have something to look forward to. Once you have invested in them, you will know that people every spring and summer, and even late into the fall, are going to want to ride on these inflatable water bumper cars.

If you have not been on one before, or if you do not have one at your amusement park, these are absolutely fun to ride. It’s a great asset to any carnival or amusement park that is going to let people in during the summer, and will continue to be for many years to come. Just make sure that the ones that you purchase are coming from one of the more reliable amusement park ride providers so that you will know that you are paying for a quality product.

When You Invest In A Giant Ferris Wheel

If you operate an amusement park and you’ve decided that the time is right to buy a giant Ferris wheel, you deserve to be congratulated for your astute business insight. With the heavy manufacturing industry running wild in China, importing a high-quality Ferris wheel has never been easier or more affordable. Global marketing now allows you to buy directly from manufacturing firms like Beston Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale with decades of experience in major amusement construction.

Large beautiful park ferris wheel

Ferris wheels rapidly become more impressive the larger they get. When you’re considering a giant model, you’re really talking about something that’s likely to become the centerpiece of your park. Picking out your manufacturing partner wisely will ensure that you end up with a ride that attracts tons of guests and fully satisfies them when they take a spin on your new wheel.

Of course, from the riders’ perspective, bigger is always better when it comes to Ferris wheels! A larger wheel means a higher apex, and that, in turn, guarantees that the riders get to see further from the top. The opportunity to ride up into the sky and take a look at miles and miles of the surrounding territory is one of the core values that makes Ferris wheels so enduringly popular.

Larger sizes at http://bestonferriswheel.com/giant-ferris-wheel-for-sale/ also make the very experience of riding more exciting, too. With a larger size, guests are treated to a larger range of movement while they’re being rotated. This means that even a relatively slow-moving Ferris wheel can make for an exhilarating trip.

Giant ferris wheel

Hopefully, it doesn’t take much to convince you of the potential benefits you can enjoy by installing a Ferris wheel no matter small or large. There’s a reason these rides have been big draws for well over a century. Even in diverse park stuffed with dozens of different attractions, the Ferris wheel will draw a consistent crowd and even garner a lot of repeat business. That makes a giant Ferris wheel one of the best bets you can make when you’re investing in major attractions.

To keep a Ferris wheel profitable, you need to make sure that it’s both safe and cheap to operate. These factors are directly influenced by the ride’s build quality, and that’s something you can – and should – investigate thoroughly before you make any buying decisions.

While working with an authorized vendor in your home country is often the most comfortable way to purchase major attractions like this, it can’t be denied that you’ll pay a significant markup for the vendor’s assistance. As noted above, buying directly from an overseas manufacturer has become a viable alternative these days, and it’s often significantly cheaper.

Make sure you invest a little of what you save in performing thorough due diligence before you buy a giant Ferris wheel from a foreign manufacturer, you can click their website WWW.bestonferriswheel.com. You’ll want to get professional opinions on both the quality of the company’s products and the trustworthiness of its business practices. You should also carefully review any and all warranty information so that you clearly understand all the liability implications of your new purchase.

Picking out new attractions for your park is often a matter of making huge decisions that will tie up significant amounts of capital. This is certainly the case when you’re buying a giant Ferris wheel; make sure you get the most out of your money by thoroughly researching your purchase before you make any commitments.